We're a Pre-Sale Model! This means your item is made upon your purchase. We know every woman has her own unique style and taste, so being a part of the design process is something we wanted to offer. This business model will help us determine product demand for seasons to come. It also helps offset the likelihood of unused inventory, which makes up a big part of the landfills you see overseas.


Step 3 | Select Your fabric

Step 2 | Select Your Fabric
Step 3 | Select Your Size
Our pieces are sewn according to standard US sizing and include sizes 0-20 and XS-XXL. As body acceptance becomes less of a marketing term and more of a reality, we want to emphasize the inclusiveness of our size range. With the average size of a woman being a size 10 today, we knew we couldn't just stop at a 14 like most other brands.  Our hopes are to continue this inclusiveness, but here's to starting somewhere! We do ask that you pay close attention to the size chart and fabric on each collection as sizing and elasticity will vary.
Step 4 | Await Your Order

Because of the handmade, custom nature of your order and the dynamics of working in the developing world, your order will arrive 4-6 weeks from the time of purchase. Timelines in the developing world can vary because of seasonality, political status, infrastructure or sourcing limitations. Not to worry though, we’ll keep you informed every step of the way via email. Your order sends a powerful message to our Partners overseas. It tells them they’re worth the wait!