Welcome to Trove - a fashion brand that delights in dignity!  We're setting out to re-write the story of fast fashion for a more delightful existence. Here's why:  

As consumers of the 21st century we are taught to know the hands and faces behind our products. We were no different. As women who were dialed into the  fair trade industry, we felt we could easily get our hands on fair trade goods such as jewelry, coffee, and treasures for our home. What we weren’t finding much of was apparel that was responsibly made, affordable and stylish.   

Like most women, fashion was an immediate point of connection for us.  Style, to us anyway, means whatever makes you feel confident. It doesn’t depend on size, body-type, age, brand or price. It’s about the story you’d like to tell for that particular day, season or phase. We also connected on the potential of creating dignified jobs in countries that needed it the most.  

Exploitation in the fashion industry is widespread, particularly in developing nations. The facts we discovered were pretty grim. The global apparel industry is valued at 3 trillion dollars and growing. Clearly, a market with that size and influence has tremendous effects on our planet and its people. Just to give you perspective, 1 of every 6 people in the world works in the apparel industry at some level, 80% of those people are women, and 98% of them are not receiving a fair wage.

We wanted to re-write that story. We wanted to partner with Artisans and factories and pay people a fair wage. We wanted to help consumers buy better and smarter. We wanted to improve production efficiency to help reduce the amount of damage done to our planet. We wanted to create clothing that was both responsible and beautiful.  And so we did!  

Trove was created to clothe us in the dignity that we personally desired, but also to create dignity in an industry that is infamous for suppressing it. The literal meaning of the word, Trove, is a place of delights and pleasures. From the note you’ll receive in every package, to the way we uphold our code of conduct with our Partners, our intention is to start making this industry more delightful and dignifying, however and wherever we can.