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Style | The Olsen Twins

Mix and Match

Do you remember when the Olsen Twins first came out on the fashion scene? Do you also remember how their outfits were a mix matched grab bag of attire resembling somewhere between Kurt Cobain and Bilbo Baggins but were somehow still fabulous? Me too, sister.  

Mary Kate Olsen (GAWD, I love this tiny little hippie!)

In all seriousness though, they were the ones that taught me that matching wasn't cool anymore. Wearing muted tones with vibrants? No problem. Wanna wear a sweater when it's 108 degrees outside? Knock yourself out. I like how devoted they are to their self expression regardless of season, trend or cool-factor. It makes me want to follow suit, er, I mean giant pink cuffed windpant.


The Olsen Twins

Oversize Everything

I do always wonder if this was intentional or if in fact they are just so miniature that everything just appears oversized on them. Regardless, it's still fabulous. 

The Olsen Twins
 (I'm sweating just looking at them)


I think sometimes in today's society we as women think we have to wear tight-fitting ensembles to reveal our shapely figures due to some sort of conjuring feeling of femininity. Or maybe it's our resistance against ageism and gravity. I have literally said to myself, "Self, your body will never look as good as it does today so show it off while you still can." Which is true. But what I also know to be true (at least for me) is that my daily attire is so often directly correlated with how I’m feeling that particular day, month or season. I somehow get the hunch that the Olsen's don't let their feelings dictate their outfits like I do. If so, what in the world would the feeling be for the below photo?  

The Olsen Twins
(I'm pretty sure this is Joseph's coat of many colors from biblical times.
Where on earth did she find that?) 

I think it’s safe to say these tiny humans I keep referencing brought unfitted and billowy to a different level. I do however feel like some of their outfits should have required them to hold onto a rope and a light just in case they went missing under all the layers and someone needed to go in after them. 

Retro Chic

My love for all things vintage comes from my grandma who was absolutely fabulous because she let me have all of her beautiful housewares from the 40's and play dress up in her clothes whenever I wanted (even in my 30's). I love having her things around my house or in my closet to remember who she was to me and to many others, but also just to appreciate the cyclical nature of fashion. How old trends become new again if you give them enough time. How memories and history can be recounted in things like waistlines, textiles and hemlines.  


Couch with throw(This is one of my grandma's handmade quilts on my couch.)

I do have to give a shout out to my girls Mary-Kate and Ashley for their retro influence though. Finding vintage pieces that are on-point is hard to do. Styling them with today’s modern pieces is even harder! Sometimes you end up looking like a very sad, uncool version of Punky Brewster versus the timeless Goddess you were intending. Not the Olsen's, though. Somehow, even their prepubescent years were deemed cool AF before cool AF was even a thing.   

The Olsen Twins(This is basically the same quilt...but now being used as a scarf and looking way cooler than my couch throw)


Even though this is a relatively new term that some Gen Z kid claims to have made up in the last few years that indicates smiling with just your eyes, I’m gonna go ahead and give all the glory to the twins. Why? Surprise, surprise because they were doing it before everyone else was!! I can genuinely attest to the fact that I have yet to actually see, dare I say, a full smile from these two. Can anyone confirm or deny that they even have teeth? I also heard somewhere that they say the word, “prune” when smiling for their photos to make their lips look so pouty and perfect but I’m sure that’s just gossip. Nonetheless I have tried it and it TOTALLY WORKS!


The Olsen Twins

Here's the real deal though, I admire people who are unapologetically themselves and l think the Olsen's are great examples of this. They seemingly dress for themselves. They embrace their eccentricity. They oscillate between taking risks and dialing it back. They evolve. They seem perfectly content with standing out or blending in. I find them interesting and unique and love seeing women own their sense of style and radiate beauty and confidence. For those reasons alone l'll keep following along waiting to see what the next iteration of their style will be.