Podcasts We're Digging These Days


Podcasts We're Digging These Days

Jaclyn's Go-to-Podcasts

  • StartUp: This is a podcast about the basics of starting a business. It's gloriously honest, brutally embarrassing and wildly informative.  It's kind of like getting an MBA without all the time in a classroom or the student loans. Holler! I laugh, shudder and scribble notes while I'm driving and listening (not cool...will stop...when I have more time). 
  • PNR: This Old Marketing: This is for all of you Marketing nerds out there. Yes, the hosts can be a little bit on the chatty side, but honestly, I think they're legitimate geniuses. With technology being updated and released almost daily, Marketing has become an ever-evolving landscape.  It's vital to anyone working with content (almost every business I know of) to keep tabs on relevant Marketing trends and strategies. This podcast helps me do just that!  
  • The Lively Show:  This little lady makes me feel alive and at peace at the same time. This is a rare combination for an over-achiever like me. I thrive in chaos, busyness, and productivity - which are all things Jess is NOT about. We live in a time where way too many women are talking about how the "hustle is real" and I'm kinda over it.  I sometimes just want to listen to something that's going to put me at ease not make me feel like I'm not doing enough for once!    
  • The Happy Hour: Jamie Ivey's podcast is obviously a fave. After working with her over at Noonday for years, I've gotten to see this incredible woman grow her business and her audience to record-breaking levels simply by being herself. I always love when women in the spotlight are actually kind and nice and funny - it just makes it that much better to see their success!

Earphones and a notebook

Emily's Ear Bud Consumption

  • The Goal Digger Podcast: I love that Jenna Kutcher hosts a live workshop style business podcast, as I always walk away with something to take into my own businesses and life.  If you're a creative girl boss, this podcast is for you.  In Jenna's words, 'train from the experts how to dig in, do the work, and tackle your biggest goals along the way.'  Who's ready to do the work?  
  • DAIS: One of my favorite ladies I follow on Instagram has finally launched a Podcast!  I love Rachel Hollis' realness on social media and she shows her real life as a mom of four and balancing all the things.  She cracks me up, and now she's bringing that realness to the podcast world and creating a space for other girl bosses and inspiring men and women to come on her podcast and be real as well.  
  • How I Built This: This podcast is for everyone!  I recommend this to anyone and everyone as it takes you behind the scenes of the world's most recognizable brands and movements.  Hosted by NPR, this podcast is smart and digs in, asking guests the hard questions.  To try it out, I would suggest listening to Barbara Corcoran's episode to hear about her crazy life story from rags to riches and how she reinvented herself on Shark Tank.
  • Business with Purpose: My bestie Molly hosts this podcast and you will absolutely love it. Molly has a background in stand-up comedy so she leads meaningful conversations with a fun spirit + she will inspire you to use your purchasing power for good in so many different ways.  She has a mass following on her 10-year-old blog for good reason: she's real and meets you where you are.  You can now hear her voice for good on her podcast.  It won't disappoint!