Spring Break Essentials

Spring Break Essentials

Spring Break Essentials

Whether you're heading out of town for a quick get-away or you're doing a staycation this week, we want to remind you of the essentials as you enter your Spring Break. After all, this week is supposed to be a BREAK from it all! Here's to helping you look and feel rested and ready as you head into a fun week with your people in some of your favorite places.  

Pool and Sunnies

First Things First: Skin Prep                 

If you're like us, you're dying for some much needed Vitamin D after this long winter! However, let's not forget that we need to prep our winter skin since it's been hibernating for a few months.  

  • Exfoliator: Skin that has been kept under leggings, jeans and jackets all winter needs a good scrub-a-dub to help give it that fresh spring glow! We like to keep a pair of exfoliant gloves in the tub to help make it an easier part of our routine. 
  • Self Tanner: If you're like us and believe being un-tan is the equivalent of being spiritually destitute than self tanner is going to be your new best friend. Here's some of our favorites to slather on that bod before putting on your favorite jorts and heading out to the front yard or to the pool at your fancy beach resort.  

                   Tan Towels                       Coola Self Tanner


  • SPF: Our moms were so right on this one. We wish we wouldn't have spent the 90's using baby oil instead of sunscreen, but alas, we have corrected our misguided ways. SPF 50 or higher is needed anywhere and everywhere, not just on your face! Did you know they're finding types of melanoma under your fingernails and the bottoms of your feet these days?  

Next Up: Wardrobe 

The desire to look chic without all the fuss is always a top priority for us and for many other busy women. In honor of taking a break from having it all together (i.e. appearing to have it all together), here are some easy wins when it comes to your wardrobe this week.  

  • Maxi Dresses: A maxi dress is an easy, effortless way to achieve a pulled together look. It's a one and done uniform of sorts. Throw our Laura dress on with a cute pair of flats and you're ready for whatever the day or night might bring!

Maxi Dress          

  • Rompers: Need to be a little more active than a dress allows? Try a romper on for size. Here's one of our favorites right now from a local Austin shop (Esby) that can freshen up your Spring wardrobe.  


  • Easy On/Easy Off: Finding pieces that you can get on and off easy might be the way to your heart. Look for items without snaps, hooks or buttons. Elastic is your friend! Our Madeline skirt with pockets might be your new go-to piece.  

Last Stop: Accessories

Maybe you've never been an accessory type of girl, but maybe this is the week to try something new. After all, if you're on vacation you can try something out of the norm for you and no one will know! Plus, the right accessory can take a look from good to knock-out in a matter of moments.
  • Statement Earrings: Every woman needs a pair (or twelve) of statement earrings in her life. When you have pool hair or are sporting your top knot for the 5th day in a row, you just throw a pair of these bad boys on and suddenly you've transformed yourself into a Goddess. It's women trickery and deception at it's finest.  


        Mercado Earrings

  • Sandals: Sandals with some versatility are key as you head to your staycation/vacation. Look for sandals that have neutral tones so they can be worn with an array of colors in your wardrobe. Slip ons or easy to fasten sandals are also something we look for as we race out the door to the next activity, dinner or event.
  • A wide-brimmed hat: Think big, obnoxious and something that conveys, "I'm here and I'm fun". There's something about a big hat that just makes you feel like a movie star. Don't be ashamed to wear it to your community pool either! There's no special occasion needed for this type of accessory. Just some confidence and a little bit of swagger.  



March 12, 2018 by Jaclyn Dowdle
Style | Transition Pieces for Spring

Transition Pieces

Style | Transition Pieces for Spring

If you’re like us, you may be chomping at the bit to pack away all those heavy sweaters and layering pieces in your perfectly curated plastic bins under your bed. This is a gentle reminder to hold your horses, Turbo. With this highly unpredictable weather, you’re going to need to leave out some winter wardrobe staples that can seamlessly transition you between the extremes right now. Here are a few standard (and ethical) pieces we suggest keeping around just for funsies until Mother Nature makes her mind up on what season she wants it to be. 


Light Jacket

This could be a jean jacket, a bomber, a blazer or an army jacket – but the point is it gives you more warmth than a cardigan. In fact, you can wear it over a cardigan or a sweater if need be. A light jacket is still a must for those random blistery days or cold mornings.

Everlane Jacket (A bomb(er) jacket from Everlane in just the right shade of army green) 

 Able Jean Jacket

 (A classic jean jacket from Able that you can wear with literally anything)


Quarter Sleeve Sweaters/shirts

Every lady needs some shirts/sweaters with ¾ length sleeves because you can wear it during the colder months AND during these tricky transition months! Pair a scarf with any of these pretties and you’re ready for whatever temperature the day brings!     

Fringe Sweater  (Our Farrah Sweater has been on repeat the last few weeks. Good thing she comes in three different colors)Pom Pom Sweater

 (Our Hattie Sweater has been marked down! Pom poms aren't just for cheerleaders, anymore.)


Ankle booties

The true telltale sign of spring is exposing one’s feet. If we’re honest, we’re actually grateful for a little more time to get these talons under control. A good pair of ankle booties can be paired with skirts, dresses, skinny’s, or even shorts – so keep them out and keep them on for the next few weeks! Here’s a few you might just fall in love with!

Ankle Boot(A classic black and grey bootie from Root Collective that creates jobs for men and women in Guatemala)

Ankle Booties

(Found these in our online clothing swap this week for $20! If you aren't a part of a clothing swap - find one. They're magical) 



This may be an old wives tale, but rumor has it hats help keep your body temperature from escaping through your cabeza (i.e that's head in spanish). They also help hide bad/non-wash hair days. Plus, you can take them off if/when temperatures start to climb giving you a stylish, layering option. So basically we don't see the downside of wearing a hat. 

Krochet Kids Beanie(Everyone could use a good pop of color near their eyes. Try this beanie from Krochet Kids 

Yellow 108 Hat(We usually have luck finding hats in vintage stores, but we just found Yellow 108 and are in L-O-V-E )  

February 28, 2018 by Jaclyn Dowdle