Summer Travel Packing Tips!

Summer vacation is here and I. can't. wait! Whether it's a staycation in your own city or you're off to explore a new country, I've put together a few style tips to keep you looking tip-top as you head out for your next adventure.


If you're like me, you like to carry on. So getting a few wears out of the pieces you pack is essential. In my opinion, nothing screams versatile like a duster. It can be worn over virtually anything. Plus, it's a great layering piece to have amidst fluctuating temperatures or a frigid flight.  

(Use our  Daisy Duster as a swimsuit cover up or a pretty little addition to a simple look ) 


Little Black Something

I'm pretty sure Sex and the City taught us all that we need to have a little black dress handy in case of a spontaneous special occasion. Well, news flash - this doesn't have to be a dress! It can be a jumpsuit, a skirt, or a cool top - the point is to bring a piece along that you can dress up should you find yourself in need of something on the fancier side. 

Black Skirt

Top(Our Guatemala and Cambodia collections have black colorway options in each of their silhouettes) 



Granted, I'm a new mom in my late 30's, so comfort is more of a requirement than a preference. Anybody else here for this? For me, this boils down to fit and material. Everybody and every body is different, but here's a good rule of thumb. Select materials that feel good against your skin and accentuate the areas you're most comfortable with and you can't go wrong.

Elastic Skirt(Did you know our Rwandan pieces get softer with each wash? Plus, many of these pieces are made with elastic, which is always a good idea for a comfy fit.) 

July 01, 2019 by Jaclyn Dowdle