Summer Travel Blogs for Everyone

With summer here we’re all likely planning or dreaming of traveling. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite Travel Blogs to help you get from planning to going as soon as possible! If nothing else, they have incredible photos and stories to share that are worth taking some time on even if you aren't in the market for travel this summer. 

The Road Les Traveled | Solo Travel

Les Traveled(Photo Cred: The Road Les Traveled. This is Lesley taking a boat tour gazing upon the Taj Mahal). 

Don’t judge me, but I stumbled upon this girl after watching Bachelor Winter Games. That’s right, the random spin off of the Bachelor after the Olympic games this year. It was bad, but yet oh so good. I like reading Leslie’s blog because it shows the world that single girl travel is totally doable. I too have always been one to toe the line of being a risk taker and being reckless. I crave being able to live life fully and struggle with the rules of a woman living in today’s time and traveling alone - so it’s good to see another lady who feels the same.   

The Bucket List Family | Family Travel

The Bucket List Family (Photo Cred: The Bucket List Family. This is the Gee Family. They've since had another baby and are already traipsing around the world with him).   

If you don’t follow this family travel blog….do not pass go, do not collect $200, just immediately go to their website. This ridiculously cute couple and their babes threw in the towel on conventional, well everything, and decided to sell everything they own and take their family on an adventure. Indefinitely. They outline their budgets on their travels, talk very openly about their unique financial position (they developed and sold an app) and even post the not-so-fun parts of living abroad (like getting robbed). This is a great place to go for inspiration if you’re traveling with little ones!  

The Poor Traveler | Budget Travel

The Poor Traveler

 (Photo Cred: The Poor Traveler. These are the bloggers -Yoshke and Vins. I thought the guy on the left was pantless for a minute, didn't you)?!  

Since we all can’t sell an app to fund our wanderlust, most of us have to budget for our travels. That number varies for everyone, but working within the confines of a budget is one of the first things people determine upon planning for travel. This website is devoted to budget friendly tips and tricks that the Authors found on their own personal journey while working their 8-5 jobs, trying to pay off expensive student loans and making poor decisions while traveling on limited funds early on in their travel adventures. Go check them out!

Find Us Lost | Couple Travel

Find Us Lost

(Photo Cred: Find Us Lost: This is Selena and Jacob on one of their trips in Amsterdam).  

Traveling with your person is definitely a different experience than with the whole family. It can be a little more intentional and romantic, that is, of course, only if you’d like it to be. So take it from these two lovebirds who started this blog while dating and are now happily married and traversing the planet. Complete with travel guides, experiences and even restaurant and hotel recommendations around the world, their highly informational content and wildly beautiful photography will not disappoint.