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Pattern Play

We love a good pattern play when it comes to our wardrobe, but we also know it can be scary! Here's some helpful tips to keep in mind so it doesn't look like you got dressed in the dark.   

Neutrals: We treat stripes, animal prints, polka dots and plaids as neutrals. Juxtapose these with a bold print and you'll find mixing patterns a sinch!

Style and Pepper(Photograph by: Style + Pepper) 


Vary the Scale of your Prints: Wearing a medium/large print with a small print helps create balance. If two smaller prints are paired together, you may look too busy. Conversely, if you wear two large prints, you may appear wider than you really are! Be sure to find the right balance when mixing. 

The Effortless Chic (Photograph by The Effortless Chic


Consider Color: Color is a very powerful tool when it comes to your wardrobe particularly when you're mixing prints.  It has the ability to influence your mood, enhance, conceal and much more. Each color scheme has a place in your wardrobe so first, let's review the color wheel and it's color schemes within.

Color Wheel

Color Schemes: This will help you pair the right color with the right pattern as you mix.

  • Monochromatic: Colors with varying hues of the same color. These are the colors that are vertical on the wheel above. By adding in a pattern to different hues of the same color it helps you avoid looking too matchy matchy. 

Monochromatic Pattern Play

  • Analagous: These are colors that are to the right and left of a color on the wheel. This creates a minimized contrast, giving a consistent look without too much boldness.
  • Complimentary: Colors that are opposites on the color wheel. These colors create a bold contrast, making you sure to stand out!

Complimentary Pattern Play