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 No white after Labor Day. Neutrals and darks commence fall. Patterns aren’t to be paired. Tweeds, suedes, velvets and houndstooth are meant for winter. Peep-toe shoes outside of spring and summer? Never. These are all rules that we sometimes, even if only subconsciously, follow in fashion. I have always wondered when and where these unspoken truths came from? Who is the clearly, uptight fashion police that laid down these laws for us to abide by?

 Fashion Police


I think it comes from the rhythm of runway fashion. Designing into a season gives you a starting place. It’s hard to create something from nothing (so I'm finding out). Seasons create the natural ebb and flow of inspiration for color, texture and trend. They provide a place in time to pack up (and put on sale) the old while ushering in the new. If you’ll remember my last blog, runway fashion is where trends are born and then carried out into the world for small and mass-market retailers alike in order to create demand. This demand is also what instigates the very thing that Trove is working to re-write, fast fashion. However, times are a changin’ my friends and there’s a new sheriff in town and her message is seasonless style.


(Our Dhaka textile from Nepal. There are a few sizes and fabrics left from this collection. Be sure to get these final few!)

Seasonless style means that some of these fashion rules are being thrown out on both ends of the supply chain. It means labels are being launched outside of the traditional seasons to give ample production time. It means there is more thought put behind pieces so they can stand the test of time versus just the test of trend. It means consumers aren’t feeling the pressure to buy, buy, buy all the trends at all the times to keep up with the Kardashian’s. I think most important though, it means there’s a new comfort level in wearing what you want, when you want and we are totally digging it.


Model shot

(This skirt is from our summer Rwanda collection that is currently on SALE for $52.00! Go check out the new markdowns.)

This notion is one of the reasons why we keep bringing colors, playful patterns and bits of bold into all of our collections, not just those for spring and summer. We don’t believe there should be rules in fashion, even subconscious ones. We believe clothing is an extension of one’s personality and that you should wear what you feel most confident in regardless of size, shape, price, trend or season.   

 Pom Pom sweater

(Our Charlene Sweater in all her pom pom glory! She comes in black base with white poms too! )

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October 17, 2017 by Jaclyn Dowdle