Seasonal Decorating

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I’m a big fan of change. So when the weather and the leaves start to turn, you better believe I’m switching up my house décor to match. That said, I swear if I buy another seasonal throw pillow or doormat my husband might actually implode. Sorry babe...

Pumpkin Doormat

I grew up in Oklahoma – where glittery knick-knacks and Hobby Lobby décor abound. Let me be clear, there is nothing wrong with either of those things. As always, my perspective of style in any capacity is about embracing what you love not what the world says you should love. So, if that bedazzled witch from Hobby Lobby is calling your name girl, you better snatch her up before that 40% coupon expires! 

But maybe you’re not sure what you even like. Maybe festive décor sounds and looks even more fun to you, but is ultimately too overwhelming to attempt. Well, not to worry, I put together a few styling suggestions based on themes to help you identify how you could spruce up your home based on what it might already entail. 


If your house is already punchy, fun and full of color, you don’t have to drab it down to the standard fall color palette! Here are some fun, easy ways to incorporate color into everyday fall décor in a tasteful way.

Balloon Centerpiece

What about doing a centerpiece out of some festive balloons this year for your Thanksgiving dinner? 

Colorful Pumpkin Wreath

Or how about spray-painting some pumpkins and gourds to match your cheery doorway (and personality)?


Maybe your home has a serene, neutral color palette already. Keep that zen going girl with more of the same! No need to add harsh blacks and oranges to your life if you like the way subtle design and décor makes you feel.

Neutral Fall Table

Love this use of gold and straw here – which are technically both neutrals - and give off a fancy, yet festive vibe.

Neutral Fall Mantle

White pumpkins and eucalyptus are an inexpensive, easy and classy way to add some flair to your casa. White pumpkins are currently .69 and bushels of eucalyptus are $2.99 at my local Trader Joe’s just waiting for you to impulse buy them!  

Minimal & Simple

More doesn’t always mean better. If you’re a minimalist who doesn’t want more stuff filling up your closet/attic perhaps you should consider live garlands for the season. After all, they smell good, they look real good and you can throw them out when the season ends. There's a local company called Gracious Garlands that services the Austin and Nashville areas that create beautiful, live garlands, wreaths and even does home deliveries to keep your life just how you like it – simple!

Table Garland

I love the way a simple green, table garland can dress up a whole house. I would put it over my mantle or entryway until Thanksgiving day when the table needs to shine.  

Seasonal Garlands

This is the founder, Elle, hanging her garland on a stairwell, finishing it off with some basic chiffon ribbon. Add a wreath on your door and you're done! Also, I'm gonna also add that she's slaying our Paige Romper in green here too.  

So go. Be festive. Decorating doesn’t have to be fussy or expensive, it can bring such joy to our homes and lives if we just let it!

October 08, 2018 by Jaclyn Dowdle