Plastic in our Clothes


If you live in Austin, you’re familiar with things like a plastic bag ban. Unfortunately, this wasn't permanent, but that’s another story.  Our point is, worldwide, there are vigorous efforts to reduce the use of plastic products that end up in our oceans (and eventually our bodies). As we seek solutions to the overall issue of pollution, we need to recognize that our clothing is a major part of that problem and therefore will need to be a major part of the solution.

Plastic in the Ocean

Polyester, nylon, acrylic, and other synthetic fibers — all of which are forms of plastic — makeup about 60 percent of the material in our clothing worldwide. This is likely because synthetic plastic fibers are cheap and extremely versatile for manufacturers, making Fast Fashion factories some of the biggest contributors to pollution. Take a look at this video by The Story of Stuff Project to help explain how and why our clothing plays a subtle, yet pervasive part in one of the world's largest issues. 

This is yet another reason why we want to do things differently at Trove. We source natural fibers and materials for our collections to help offset the environmental ramifications of fast fashion. We don't want to be another company contributing to the staggering statistics harmful to our planet. 


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October 01, 2018 by Jaclyn Dowdle