Pajamas in Public

If you've been around for a minute you've seen my love for Trove's latest collection of Artisan made jammies. Yes, at first, it was because of their adorable patterns and oh so soft material, but then I thought, "I'd actually wear that as a shirt. Like, in public".  I know I'm not the only gal who thinks this because PJ's as daily wear is certainly having a moment right now. And let's be honest, the prints on these jammies are way too good to keep in bed! 

Button-up shirts in general have had a long standing love in many women's hearts.  Take a peek over at Madewell and you'll see oversized button-up shirts everywhere. I personally have a closet full of them and likely so does any woman who has spent time nursing little ones.

I paired the Julie top with some high-waisted, wide-leg capris, booties and hoops and felt like a total boss here. But honestly, this top would go well with any type of denim.

Let's just say you're hustling to get out of the house and the kids aren't giving you time to get ready (holler if you hear me, frazzled mamas!). Toss on your go-to skinnies with the the front of this shirt tucked in (thank you J.Crew for creating the half-tuck), and throw on your sneakers for some spunky running around town wear. 



If you're a little more daring, there's no reason why you can't layer this top under a blazer or tie up over your pencil skirt for some spunky, yet comfy work wear. But unless you're the super bold kind of gal, I'd keep everything else simple and let the top do all the talking for you. Just make sure to add at least one polished detail (heels, statement jewelry, or a a swipe of a bright lip) so you don't literally look like you just woke up. 

With little time to spend researching the latest trends much less going out and getting them, I need style that is versatile and comfortable. It's a bonus if my clothing is actually funky and fairly made. Luckily, Trove's jammies check all those boxes making me feel fab without all the fuss.  



Love, Julie 

January 21, 2019 by Jaclyn Dowdle