A Commoners Take on NYFW

Catwalks. Bright Lights. Famous people. Yes, last week was New York Fashion Week. Because I am a mere commoner with no interest or budget for fancy labels or high fashion, I never used to pay attention to this week (or any other Fashion Week for that matter). However, when I started Trove I realized I actually needed to look into all the hubbub (full blog on that here).

Front Row Seats at NYFW(Kylie Kardashian and Madonna sit front row of NYFW. Photo Cred: Jonathan Bluth)

I pay attention now so I can see potential trends or colors that are no doubt currently being ripped off and created in fast fashion factories all over the world. Factories that I have to compete with on style to provide a safer, more dignified alternative to customers. So, without further adieu, here are some of my noteworthy forecasts for Spring 2019. Granted, nothing becomes a trend unless the consumer adopts it. You are the ultimate decider of what’s in and what’s out not any of these fancy people, Vogue's top 10 list or whatever your teenager starts wearing come March. Okay, well your teenager might actually be a trendsetter, so I'd pay attention to them if I were you.     

In the words of Anna Wintour, who apparently is the Queen Bee Grand Master Dragon of all things fashion, claimed Spring’s unveiling to be, “rule breaking but not silly…. individualized and eclectic.” She commented on how intentionally diverse the labels were with their designs to reinforce this idea that they’re more committed than ever to embodying originality and inclusivity. I'll just pretend like I understand what that even means and try to stop rolling my eyes now. 

Anna Wintour (Anna Wintour starring as Anna Wintour. Photo Cred: Getty Images)  

Color | Marigold

This happy hybrid of orange and yellow was everywhere last week. From ball gowns to leisure wear, expect this pop of color to liven up your Spring!

Marigold Color Trend (Marigold popping up everywhere! Photo Cred: Harpersbazaar.com) 

Technique | Crochet 

This handmade design detail was amongst some of the biggest labels like Carolina Herrera, Oscar de la Renta, and Ulla Johnson. With the personal, artisanal details women are looking for now, we’re excited for this trend because this is totally in our wheelhouse! The challenge will be to get customers to understand the timing and skill it requires to help justify a higher price point.

 Crochet Trend


Vibe | Polished, Fun and Fiercely Feminine


Brandon Maxwell show (Snaps from Brandon's runway show last Saturday. Photo Cred:Monica Feudi)  

Leave it to Texas native designer, Brandon Maxwell, to put on a tailgate-inspired show that embraced his Southern roots. From Shake Shack burgers to bubblegum pink Yeti coolers stocked with Shiner Bock beer, there was no detail spared for this experience. His line included flowy cocktail gowns, preppy maxi dresses and leather pants in powerful reds, pinks and salmons. Other divine details included custom red suede Lucchese cowboy boots, slinky silver belts and silk scarves knotted at the neck like bandannas. I loved his playful, yet powerful colors and shapes and Southern hospitality.  

Celeste Bar Tom Ford

Another noteworthy label was Tom Ford. His line never ceases to impress even the stuffiest of fashion week goers, but here’s why I think mainstream will actually care about him this year. He teamed up with comedian, Celeste Barber, for some parody videos that are pure greatness. If you don’t know who Celeste is or her ability to recreate absurd poses by models and celebrities on social media – do yourself a favor and go follow her now. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.


Celeste Bar(Photo Cred: Celeste Bar @Celestebarber)  

All that said, Tom gained some major cool points (in my book at least) just by showing he doesn’t take himself too seriously and that he wants to appeal to a wider demographic. Plus his line was cool, confident and sparkly - all things I also can't wait to include more of in our Spring lines.    

September 17, 2018 by Jaclyn Dowdle