Artisan Spotlight | Meet Zenaida


Meet Zenaida (pronounced Zen-ayda)!  She's the weaver behind the colorful tassels on our Bienvenido Collection! 
Guatemalan Weaver: Zenaida
Zenaida is 41 years old and a single mother to two sons, Wilmer (17 years) and Eleaza (14 years). She lives in San Antonio Palopó on Lake Atitlán in Guatemala with her sons. Raised in a family of artists who have their own unique talents like ceramics and beadwork, she comes by her craft naturally.  Zenaida was just eight years old, she was taught to back-strap weave by her mother.  
Guatemalan Weaver: Zenaida
As any creative would tell you, Zenaida gets joy from self expression. Finding new color combinations and creating new designs through her weaving gives her that satisfaction.  She supplements her weaving jobs by cleaning homes and washing clothes in order to help provide her children with opportunity and education.
Close-up shot of tassels
On top of a talented artist, Zenaida we hear she is also an incredible teacher! She teaches weaving classes through Maya Traditions Foundation.  Whether it’s working with visitors who want to learn how to backstrap weave or with other cooperatives who want to learn a new skill, Zenaida has proven to be a patient, kind, and thorough teacher. She’s taught countless visitors the art of backstrap weaving, explaining the intricate and complex process in a way that is more understandable. 
Guatemalan Weaver: Zenaida
(photo courtesy of Mayan Traditions Foundations)
We have not had the privilege of meeting Zenaida face-to-face yet, but we can already tell by the way she is described how hard working and wonderful she is. We want to
try and get Zenaida into more doing more of the work she loves - which is weaving. Your orders are instrumental to helping her get to do that.    
April 02, 2017 by Jaclyn Dowdle