Meet Rachel and Averie


We love the adventurous spirit of our go-to Guatemala Co-Designers and Project Managers, Rachel and Averie!  Both hailing from the United States, but now making Guatemala their home, these two best friends founded Casa Flor in 2016 to bring dignity and opportunity to local artisans.



Casa Flor literally means flower house, and we love their inspiration behind their business name.


Casa, meaning house, was included as they want to provide a sense of home, family, and environment to the artisans with which they partner.  They deeply desire to have a personal relationship with each person.


Flor, meaning flower, represents the colorful playfulness that their designs bring to the world.


Rachel and Averie ensure the textiles and garment pieces are ethically made, and we are so excited to celebrate the techniques passed down from generation to generation in Guatemala in our first collection.


“Here at Casa Flor, we believe that your clothes tell a story and we want that story to speak of honor and dignity.”  - Rachel 


(We agree!)


It has been so fun to see Rachel and Averie take our first round of patterns and transform them into designs that we know you’ll love for years to come.

April 01, 2017 by Emily Sexton