Meet Don

Meet Don, the master tailor behind your designs! Don actually learned to sew from his father and brother, which is rare in a community where women often teach one another sewing traditions. 

Guatemalan Artisan: Don

He and his family started their current business out of their home in order to make an income for their family. They now employ eight additional people through their tailor shop in Panajachel!

Pattern Making in Guatemaa 

Don's particularly proud of the fact that his shop is scaling to work on larger, international orders. He enjoys seeing the styles that exist in other markets and working to creatively meet the needs of the demand. 

 Pattern Making in Gautemala

Ultimately Gilberto's motivation for work is like most men. It comes from wanting to provide for his family. He already owns his land, but his dream is to finish building his house on the land so that he can leave it to his family and provide for them for generations to come.

Trove couldn't be happier to help provide jobs for Don, his family and his team! And your orders can make Don's dream of finishing out his house a reality. 

April 01, 2017 by Jaclyn Dowdle