Meet Ashok


Meet Ashok

Meet Ashok, the factories’ Master Pattern-maker! It was clear upon our arrival that he ran the show at the factory. Learning he had been at the factory for 17 years now, he has certainly earned his position of leadership.


Indian Artisan Pattern Maker

Ashok comes from a family of pattern-makers. His parents taught him how to create patterns, alongside websites and magazines for more innovative designs. It’s instantly obvious that he is a perpetual student. His seriousness eludes to this, but the more we talk the more we realize how impassioned he is by his craft.

Apparently, the more challenging the pattern, the more Ashok enjoys his job.  He thrives in learning new techniques even after all these years. He is after all the sole pattern maker at the factory and so the challenge of learning the new pattern helps create jobs for all the other employees.    


For someone so skilled, Ashok could work in a variety of factories or fashion labels in India or elsewhere, even. However, he has good working conditions, regular pay raises and gets to put his children through school. What do they want to be, we asked? "They're not sure yet, but perhaps pattern-makers,"he exclaimed with a sparkle in his eye.   

July 05, 2017 by Jaclyn Dowdle