Let's Help Irma's Family!

As many of you know, a volcano erupted last week in Guatemala. Naturally, we reached out to our Partner Groups to ensure they were okay. We learned that Irma and her immediate family were not impacted, but many of her extended family was! 


Many of Irma's Cousins, Nieces and Nephews lived in San Miguel Los Lotes - the city that was completely wiped out by the eruption! Here is a list of her impacted family members that are now living together a few blocks from Irma while she helps them heal and re-settle from losing their homes, or worse, their children. 


Impacted Family Members:

Grandparents (they are the one's housing the nine displaced family members):

  • Joaquína (80 years old): 
  • Eustaquio (82 years old): 


  • Cristina (53 years old): Cristina was badly burned on her arms and legs by the lave and is currently in a private hospital in Guatemala City. She lost her husband, their home and two of their four children. 

Nieces & Nephews (Cristina's four remaining living children):

  • Rudy (28 years old): Rudy lost his home and is currently with his mom in the city taking care of her.
  • Norma (33 years old): Norma lost her two children and her home in the eruption. 
  • Magaly (20 years old): Magaly, her husband and their three children escaped without harm but lost their home.  
  • Dina (31 years old): Dina and her two children escaped without harm but lost their home.  


Immediate Needs: 

We want to help however we can. We thought you might too. Here's a list of their immediate needs. Prices are based on the local Walmart.  

-Laundry Detergent (for all nine house members)  - $75 
-Water Heater for Shower - $25
-Foam Beds - $50/twin bed
-Twin Sheets + Pillow (at least 3 sets needed) -  $25
-10 Towels - $55
-3 More packets of toothbrushes - $10
-5 More bottles of shampoo - $15
-Razors - $5
-Underwear, bras + socks - $35
-Male underwear + socks - $20
-Rain jackets for every family member . - $100
-3 Bottles of Lotion - $15
-Clothes + shoes for every family member - $150
-Baby Supplies (Diapers, wipes, baby food, sippy cups) - $75
-2 Boxes of Wet Wipes - $20
-First Aid Kits - $20

If you feel moved to help, any donation is absolutely appreciated and everything will go directly to the family. Note: Casa Flor is our partner group in Guatemala who is facilitating the donations and shopping since we aren't local, hence why the donation is set up under them.   



June 13, 2018 by Jaclyn Dowdle