Fall 18 Colors, Prints and Texture Trends

It's that time of year, when the world falls in love. Or rather, women fall in love with all things fall fashion! I don't know about you, but fall is by far my favorite season to shop! The colors are so rich, there are so many layering options, and the textures, oh the textures! So without further adieu, here are a few trends that I'll be wearing this season. As always, you do what feels comfortable and best for you though! That's what real style is about anyway. You don't have to embrace the lime green and extreme pattern mixing trends - but I certainly will be!  


First, let's talk color palettes. As always, shades of dark reds and browns are in the mix, but there seems to be an interesting explosion of color this year too. Basically any shade of purple and green ranging from dark olive, emerald and even lime are making a presence. Not on the Pantone color board, but running ramped in pants, sweaters and shoes everywhere is also the color candy pink. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? This is going to be so fun, right?! As a mama of two boys, I get my pink in where I can!   

Floral Flat Lay

(Yes, that is a scrunchie and I will wear it without shame).

Colored Jean Trend

(This is my oldest stinker, Clement. He's down to clown with me on almost anything, even women's fashion photos).

If you're looking for a fun way to incorporate color, colored tights and jeans are a thing again (see pic above). This brings me back to the smurf blue tights I had in college, the mustard tights I had in 2010, and the wine colored pair I just couldn't let go of that are STILL in my drawer. You better believe those puppies are definitely making a come back for me this season! 

And since we're talking about color incorporation, let's talk nails. Nails are every bit of an accessory ladies. Use them to your wardrobe advantage! Red is always a safe go-to because, well, sometimes you just have to show up to your boss's holiday party not looking like Jennifer Garner from the movie, "Thirteen Going on Thirty".  But wouldn't you know it, black is back along with some other fun options like metallics, smokey teal, pastel purple, cobalt blue and dark berry. 

Black Nails

(My angsty high school self is saying, "Did black nails ever really go out, Julie)?

Florals, plaids and animal prints are also everywhere! If you're a fellow Jane of the jungle like myself, you are now free to let your love for all things animal print fly (especially if mixed with another color like berry or even lime green, depending how far you walk on the wild side)! I saw that Michael Kors literally mixed every single one of those prints into one outfit and I wasn't mad about it one bit. Anything goes this season, people.

 Leopard Flat Lay 

(With my busy boys, sneakers are a must most days. But that doesn't mean I can't still look trendy)!

In terms of texture, velvet is really crushing it (get it....as in crushed velvet. I got jokes, ladies).  As usual leather is a seasonal must. I'll take my leather any way I can, please and thank you - jackets, pants, skirts, boots, bags it's all an amazing way to ring in the fall weather.  Faux fur is big, ringing true to the animal theme.  I've seen an amazing amount of leopard fur coats and I mean yes, I've been wearing one for four years, but it's probably time for an upgrade right?!  Also those teddy bear jackets that look ridiculously snuggly... yup, you guessed it, shearling is huge ranging from jackets to pull overs, this is shaping up to be one cozy season!

Leather Skirt

 (This is Jaclyn's Mother-in-Law's skirt from the 70's. Seriously. A vintage score that pairs so nicely with the Polly Top ). 

DividerHere's the best news, ladies....because Trove's latest line from Cambodia is so classic, it's the perfect canvas for any/all of these fall trends! Mix any of the Boran pieces with a pop of color, a funky print, your go-to hat, scarf or bag and you'll be fully fall ready! 

October 05, 2018 by Jaclyn Dowdle