Fall 2019 Trends


Even though it's still as hot as hades up in here, it's time to start thinking about fall (at least just for your wardrobes sake). Too soon? Well too bad. If Starbucks is already selling their PSL then my goodness, we're gonna talk about our favorite season for fashion. Here are some trends to consider as you begin to pack up your tube tops and break out your cozy knits. 



Southwest Trend (From left to right: Louis Vuitton, Isabel Marant, DSquared2 (2) and Vanessa Seward. Photos: Imaxtree)

Well, well, well, I'd say we Texas girls already have a leg-up on this trend! If you're not a Texan, it's time to channel your inner Reba McEntire and get yourself some sophisticated fringe and a shiny belt buckle. In fact, we know a few places round these parts if you're in the market for some killer boots. Trust us. You'll need a pair. 


Spots, Stripes and Other Animal Prints

animal print trend
Tons of fun feline prints are on the prowl for fall and we're excited about it. Fashion is yet again proving itself to be cyclical and we're just regretting getting rid of our fuzzy zebra attire back from the early 2000's. Don't you dare judge us. You know you frequented your local Gadzooks too!  


Big, boxy, long or belted, blazers are going to be worn a few different ways this season. I know, I know...we're getting a visual of Christina Applegate in Don't tell mom the babysitter's dead too. But hey, Sue Ellen Crandell was one snazzy lady so we're going to fully embrace this one.  
Sue Ellen Crandell
September 16, 2019 by Jaclyn Dowdle