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Behind the ScenesThe Diseño Collection spring 18

Photoshoot days when you are a 1 woman show is like drinking out of a fire hydrant. Well, almost every day with a new company is like that actually. You feel overwhelmed by your endless To-Do list. You wonder how you'll actually be able to pull it off this time. And yet, somehow by the grace of God it comes together. You get enough done. You've survived another day.

The Spring 18 photoshoot was no different. I can only plan and prep and pray so much for samples to arrive on time and fit my friends/models who so graciously offer their mugs and bods to me for free 99. These precious ones got up at 5am to drive in from Dallas and I'm sure glad they did. There's a light that shines through each of these women that always comes through in our photos, hence why I keep asking them back.  
Group Selfie
Here's Sean (videographer) and Brandon (photographer) two other talented and creative dude friends of mine. They're posted up here in the women's bathroom making magic happen. Sean also usually eats dinner at our house about once a week, so he's pretty much family. I rope him into all sorts of fun jobs that include women's fashion that I'm sure leave him feeling confused and overly emotional, alas, he keeps coming back. One of my favorite memories with Sean is traveling with him to Guatemala where he out-shopped even me. I mean, how many woven beanies and coin purses can one man own, right? Apparently, many. The answer is many, people. 
Behind the Scenes
(Sean's vest was a Guatemalan shopping extravaganza purchase. He exclaimed that "he just loved the utility and fun detailing on all the pockets.") 
Model in Doorway
(Here's the picture that actually came out of this shot. So worth all the fuss.) 
Our location was a local restaurant here in Austin called, Sawyer & Co. They serve Southern food with a Texas twist. They graciously opened their doors for us when dining hours were over and let us have free reign. Austin is home to some incredibly talented, creative and hospitable people and I can say without a doubt that the people behind this restaurant are among them. I appreciate people who love on their local community and see small businesses like mine as inspiring versus annoying when we ask for favors. 
Model Shot
And this is the Diseno Collection from Guatemala! One big upgrade from last season is that instead of selecting textiles from the local market, we actually designed our own! We wanted to create the essence and freshness of Spring in a fabric. So we did! We paired punchy pinks, earthy greens and eggshell creams with some tonal stripes for three textiles that you're definitely going to want in your wardrobe for spring and summer!  
Group Shot
Our Spring 18 line has sprung and is ready for the picking! Go shop her today and get your piece just in time for when that warmer weather finally hits! 
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February 20, 2018 by Jaclyn Dowdle