Say no to the annual awkward family photo this year!

It's that time of year again.  Time to call your photographer and schedule your annual family photos. You have the creative and grand plans, but do you know how to execute the plan to capture the perfect memories?  We've all seen the family photos of kids screaming, dad in an awkward shirt that he, obviously, never wears, and mom oozing with disappointment. I ache just thinking about it. This is where I want to help! Let me give you my top tips for capturing beautiful photos you will love for years.

Here we go!

No Matchy Matchy

For example, in our 2018 family photo, I wanted to wear a red scarf.  So, I added a basic red bow to Fini's hair. So simple, but it brings unity to your photo without being awkward!

Be Yourself

For goodness sake, be yourself.  Be authentic!  You want the photo to remind you of sweet memories. Years later, you do not want to say, "What were we thinking?" If you are not a formal family, please do not make your family dress up!  Wear your favorite dress.  Let your daughter wear her favorite necklace.  

Maybe consider staying home! Front porch photos are so popular right now and a GREAT idea.  OR, if your family loves hiking, consider a photoshoot on your favorite trail.  Make it your own!

Have FUN

Go with your partner's silly idea! Just last week, we took our annual family photos.  I wanted one basic photo and then a photo of the kids on their bikes.  My husband quips, "Kara, we should be on the bikes!"  While he was joking, my photog and I jumped on the idea.  The result is a sweet family photo that shows so much of our personality!

Make it Short

For your sanity, make it short.  You need 5 pictures, not 100.  Our family photo session is ONLY 15 minutes. Then we go get ice cream!! 

100% trust me on this one! 

I would love to hear how your 2020 family photo goes this year and which tip was the most helpful! If you are looking for a new outfit check out the Trove shop. 


September 09, 2020 by Kara Moseby