Artisan Spotlight | Meet Vanna

Meet one of our Artisan Partners in Cambodia, Vanna. 

Artisan Spotlight

(Vanna sewing with her team at Tonlé)

When Vanna was just 3-years-old, her parents and six siblings were sent to the Sveyreang Provence during the war. She eventually found her way back to Phnom Penh where she is raising her only daughter. What Vanna enjoys most about Tonlé is that everyone is accepting and loving, and she has been given a fair chance to use her skills to support her daughter.

Vanna is a woman with a big heart and a beautiful smile. She loves being close to friends and family and is known to always offer a helping hand in the workshop. She also has an amazing sense of personal style, and often finds unique vintage dresses in the market! 


(Vanna with her team at Tonlé proudly representing Fashion Revolution Day)

September 02, 2018 by Jaclyn Dowdle