Artisan Spotlight | Meet Sajita


Meet Sajita! She’s what we would call a “saint" or a "burning heart” here in the states. She is a twenty something powerhouse, devoted to making an impact within her country and committed to making sure her life counts towards the things she holds dear. 

 Sajita | Counselor at the Sewing Center

Sajita currently serves as a part-time counselor to many of the women who work at Kingdom Hope Garments (KHG), our partner-sewing center in Nepal. As many of you know, the women at KHG are survivors of sex trafficking. They have come to KHG to obtain sewing skills and pursue a job that has some longevity in order to keep them out of risk of being trafficked again. Because each woman has their own unique story, they come to KHG anywhere from days to years after being rescued or escaping their traffickers. Sajita is the one these women confide in and work with to help undo much of the emotional and mental damage that they have sustained. Amidst her free-time, Sajita also actively searches for trafficked women at the border of Nepal and India in order to help bring them into safety.

 Spool of thread | Nepal

On top of her work at the sewing center, she serves as a mentor to the local Safe Houses. Safe Houses are places of refuge for women who have suffered abuse in any form. From being trafficked to suffering loss or injuries from the varying natural disasters that frequent Nepal, Sajita is there to help the women rebuild their lives. These houses also help provide vocational training to the women in order to get them self sufficient and able to start bringing in more sustainable resources to help offset whatever it was that bought them there.

Sajita also manages to give updates on the progress of the sewing center to their various partners and will issue e-mails petitioning for prayer as needs arise. Just last week, we received an email requesting prayer for the people of Nepal due to the heavy rains that have destroyed many peoples homes. Proof yet again how Sajita cares deeply about people in need and wants to ensure her life is spent helping meet those needs.

Nepal Flooding 

We’re thankful that we get the opportunity to work with Sajita and even more grateful for her work in Nepal. We love her heart for the women and Katie and always enjoy getting an email from her on the many updates in her community and in the sewing center.  

August 21, 2017 by Jaclyn Dowdle