Artisan Spotlight | Meet Ravy

Meet Bou Vanravy ("Ravy") one of the heroes of Tonlé.  She has been working with factory since it opened in December of 2013.


Before the Khmer Rouge, Ravy was living in the Tuol Tompung area in Phnom Penh. She fled the city with her family during the war for safety and eventually was able to move back after things settled down. Ravy now has four grown children who are all either in college or have graduated from college! 


Ravy's worn many hats at the factory over the years; from hand-sewer, to crocheter, to trainer. She currently serves as the overseer for all quality control within the factory. There isn't a piece of clothing that leaves the factory without Ravy seeing or touching it! However, her most important role is mentor and supporter to many within the Tonlé team. She is someone who is always looking out for others and holds inexplicable kindness, honesty, and sharp wit in perfect balance. She is held with high esteem and considered one of the matriarchs at the workshop. 


Her sharp wit comes from her sharp mind! Ravy is quite world-minded and is constantly learning and watching international news in order to keep up with world events. She doesn't hesitant to ever speak her mind and has strong opinions on politics and women’s rights. We can't wait to meet Ravy someday and here these opinions!   

September 02, 2018 by Jaclyn Dowdle