Artisan Spotlight | Meet Pallavi

Colors. Marbling. Fashion. These are a few of Pallavi’s favorite things. Having grown up as the daughter of a factory owner, Pallavi was all too familiar with the aspects of the fashion industry. It was no surprise that she decided to get a degree in Fashion Design so she could someday help with the family business. 

Pallavi (Pallavi and her father pictured in their factory in Jaipur) 

When Pallavi graduated, she began working in the factory serving as a liaison for operating her father's business. As a woman in India, that can be a trying position. She expressed how she wanted to be viewed as her own person with her own distinct set of talents and abilities - not just her father's daughter. That's when she knew she needed to start her own business under her own label.

In 2014, she took all the learnings from her father's business and applied them to starting her own. She began working with men and women within her area that needed jobs, ensuring they were paid above the average market rate for her designs. She believes in the power of dignified work, because as a designer herself, she knows first-hand how tedious and time consuming the work can be. 

Working with Group

Pallavi's company works in the same factory as her father's business, so there is still opportunity to work together. Plus, Pallavi is just 28 years old and still learning many facets of this business. Her father is readily available to offer advice, insight, and support where needed. Amidst his mentoring, her father is also actively working on finding Pallavi a suitable husband! Pallavi laughs at her father's fervor in this pursuit and remains positive about the right man coming along while she focuses on her work. 


How did we find Pallavi? Well, she actually found us! Believe it or not she followed Trove on Instagram and was so inspired by our work and our mission that she decided to take a chance and send us an e-mail about the possibility of working together. We're so glad she did! 

After a few e-mail exchanges and samples, we organized a trip for our third party auditor to ensure that the factory was as Pallavi described - a socially responsible company committed to ethical business practices that maintain healthy and safe work environments for their Artisans in Jaipur, India. We found that to be true and more. We found family, community, new-found friendships and Artisans that feel empowered by their work.

Artisans Working

June 24, 2018 by Jaclyn Dowdle