Artisan Spotlight | Meet "Leak"

Meet our Artisan Partner, Srey Leak or "Leak" as everyone in Cambodia calls her. 

Artisan Spotlight
Leak is part of the cutting and sewing team at Tonlé. She is a perfectionist at her work and very proud of the products she makes. With previous bag making experience from another factory, Leak is one of the first go-to sewers when new orders are placed.

At home, Leak is the sole caregiver for her sick husband and 25-year-old son, who are both dependent on her help. She also has eight other children, so the pressure can be a bit much to handle sometimes. However, despite a chaotic home life, she is determined not to let the hardships bring her down. She has dreams of learning pattern making one day so she can be more diverse in skillsets. 

September 03, 2018 by Jaclyn Dowdle