A Socially Distant Mother's Day

Mother's Day is coming up soon!  This year, we'll be the daughter reprimanding our mom for leaving the house too much, not wearing her mask, and trying to come see her snotty nosed grandkids.  It's weird days!  Remember when she required US to call to check in and gave the curfews?  Now, it's our turn to limit who she sees and require she stay home. It's weird days!!  

My mom is literally the best. She's kind, smart, hard-working, and extremely gracious.  She, not only champions all my adventures, but shows up to build the displays, work the booths, and wear the shirts! I’m sure your mom is so similar, maybe different qualities, but same champion spirit.

So, let's shower her with wonderful gifts, sanitized, and dropped on her doorstep. However, let's not just give her any gifts, but rather gifts she'll be proud of for years to come. Gifts she knows supported family owned businesses during a global crisis. 

Socially Distant Mother's Day Shopping Guide

1. Trove Pajamas: Our Lola Pajamas are the softest and coziest thing your skin has ever felt!  Made with 95% viscose from bamboo and 5% spandex, she might actually obey your request and stay home all day in her pj's. The Lola comes in two great colors, black or pink, to fit any style. So, mom is sure to love them, unless she doesn’t like being cozy.

2. Matching PJ's: For your new momma friend, pair the Lola Pajamas with a matching set for baby!

3. Planters: So, living plants are on of my favorite gifts to give. It is probably because I certainly love a thoughtful plant. I have a few favorite gift options for plants. In our shop, we have some beautiful baskets that will surely be a wonderful gift idea. Handcrafted in Rwanda, this basket is great for the mom who loves travel and collecting pieces from around the globe. 

However, my friends at The Makerage are always a great idea as well.  I have their beautiful planters in my home and often choose to give them. 

4. Jewelry: For the moms in my life, jewelry is usually a perfect idea and there are some wonderful small family-owned shops to choose from. 

Sela Designs carries beautiful handmade pieces and helps support rescue missions through the International Justice Mission. A gift and a rescue, I'm not sure it gets much better. 

Nomad Artisan Co. is a new favorite of mine.  I have not purchased yet, but I cannot wait to get my ears on some of their Colorful Double Squares. They are just so beautiful!!

A local Tulsa company I am anxious to purchase from is Joyful Treasure Designs!  Anna’s pieces are dramatic and just absolutely gorgeous. 

5. Pillows: Okay, let’s talk pillows!  They are THE stuffed animals of adulthood and Trove has some great options for you.  We have a plethora of colors and, my personal favorite, the Glad to be Together pillow!

6. Remember the Woman Hurting! Mother’s day is a special time, but we know there are friends out there who have recently lost their moms, lost their daughters, are estranged, or who ache to have children but cannot. It's just a painful time.  Let’s not forget them! Please drop them a note, a basket with flowers, or one of our Rwandan baskets FILLED with candy. 

Happy Mother’s Day, friends!!  Let's stay safe, stay connected, and give the gift of ethical and small. 

April 16, 2020 by Kara Moseby