5 Summer Previews You Will Love

We're sitting at home, dreaming of summer, being together, and sandals!  So, let's brighten our day with some summer sneak peeks. At Trove, we are committed to providing dignifying jobs to women and men around the world.  So, in these socially distancing days, we are checking on the artisan groups and ethical factories we work with around the world!  Some are able to weave and sew at home, but most are not.  So, we are not 100% what Trove Collections will look like in 2020.  

In good news, the Guatemala artisans we work with are working! WFH at it's finest, with designing, weaving, and sewing.  So, we are hopeful that we'll have some gorgeous pieces for you to love and cherish for many "Get Togethers" this summer. 

Let's get to the previews!

1. The Updated Betty: Our most popular dress is back, with a shorter hem and more defined waist!  Years ago, when Betty was introduced, I was the first to see her beauty.  (okay, maybe not THE first, but I sure did immediately love her) However, the cut just didn't flatter me.  So, I called up my tailor to "make it work." This summer, we are bringing those "make it work" changes to you!

2. The True Waisted Laura: The prettiest of pretty, The Laura dress, is making a comeback.  However, we're raising the waist and adding pockets.  Could like GET much better?  I submit that it cannot...as far as summer clothing goes! ;)

3. Mustard Mustard, we have a Romper!  Maybe that didn't rhyme, but it's true.  We have a beautiful mustard romper coming.  I CANNOT WAIT!!

4. The taller the better: Any tall girls out there? We are going to TEST a theory!  We believe you want and are longing for fun colors, fun designs, and fits that will be made for your unique structure.  It will be a small run, but we are working on a Romper that will include TALL sizing. While it will only be sizing Sm-L, if we have great interest,  we'll expand the tall line in the future. 

5. Tank top, anyone? We have a sweet spaghetti top coming soon!  In a beautiful pink and our famous summer stripes. 

Raise your hand if you are dreaming of summer. NOW, raise your hand, if you are dreaming of a cool new summer wardrobe! To see all our sneak peeks and the sample try-on, check out our Instagram highlight, '20 Sneak Peeks

April 18, 2020 by Kara Moseby