4 Things to Know Before You Buy

Summer is coming AND I can't wait for you to see the beautiful pieces artisans in Guatemala have been making for us!  I also cannot wait for you to meet the new artisan group we are working with in Haiti. 

Although I want you to buy ALL the Trove things, I don't want you to.  I want you to strategically purchase gorgeous pieces that will fit your wardrobe and lifestyle.  So, let's talk about what you need to know and do before you buy, to ensure you love your purchases.

Let's get started.

1. Get to know your closet! 

Pack up those winter essentials and move them out of the way, because summer is coming.  Now, let's take a long look at your summer wardrobe. What still works from last summer?  What doesn't fit? Get rid of what doesn't fit you or your style.  What did you LOVE to wear last summer?  Keep those pieces around and move them to the front of your wardrobe. Like this Updated Betty...making a comeback in June. 

Do a little cleaning out and organizing.  This organizing will help you purchase with purpose and not spend on a whim. If you need more helping cleaning out your closet, check out Jaimi Stewart's E-Course!

2. Make a List

Now that your closet is organized and cleaned out, think about your summer plans, new styles you are loving, and what you might want to add to your wardrobe. 

Make a List!

While I give myself room for a few "OMG, I love that" purchases on a whim, I usually save that for my consignment shopping adventures.  Otherwise, I look to add from my list and purchase strategically. 


Now, before you think I am standing at the store with a clothing shopping list, I'm not!  I like to have fun while shopping. I just have general knowledge. This summer, I know I want a few spaghetti strap tanks, a new maxi dress, a new bralette to wear under spaghetti strap pieces (momma ain't got time for strapless bras anymore).  I wanted a few new pairs of shorts and already picked those up with some Everlane credit I had. One pair of oversized jean shorts and one pair of tailored white jean shorts!  

These adds will complete my already beautifully curated wardrobe and I know I can throw them on without standing in front of my closet wondering what I should wear today! Grab and Go!!

3. Know Where to Look

Now that you have your list, it's important to know where to look. This is where a good friend that loves shopping becomes helpful (like me)!  If you HATE shopping, ask a friend that loves shopping to help you locate a few of the pieces you need. We are around and love helping you shop.  

My friends are constantly asking me for shopping help! AND I love shopping with someone else's money. Just Remember:

If you hate shopping and haven't made a list, you will spend too much and buy things you hate. So, stick to the formula! 

At Trove, you are going to find some great tanks, dresses, and sandals this summer!  If you are looking for a few other great shops, here's a few to check out.

Shops to Checkout: 
Madewell (Fairtrade Line)
Amour Vert
Albion Fit 
Pact Organic
Syngergy Organic
Everlane (Not my favorite. Thank you Good on You App, but for now it has basics that are high quality)

4. Three Ways To Wear

Before I buy things, I ask myself, "Can I wear this 5 different ways? Wait, let's just stick with 3 ways!"  I tried 5, but really, in my lifestyle, I just need it to be worn three different ways.  


For a pretty dress, I ask myself. Can I throw tennies on and wear this to the zoo?  Can I throw my Toms heels on and wear it out with friends for dinner?  Can I pair it with my jean jacket and wear it to a casual business meeting? 

For a tank, can I wear this with cute shorts and sandals? A jean skirt (still need one of these for my wardrobe)? Jeans and heels for date night? 

Of course, we'll have special pieces that we fall in love with so much and they don't past this test.  However, it is important to remember those pieces are rare. To build a functional wardrobe that works for your lifestyle, the majority of things you buy should be able to be worn in multiple ways in different contexts.  One hit wonders are for special occasions, not normal seasonal purchasing.  


Last year, I purchased pretty strategically and still plan to use many of the pieces I bought. My swimsuit from Albion Fit was killer and I felt so great in it. I got ZERO compliments, but you know what?  I felt amazing in it. So, I wore it and will wear it again. 


I bought the best dress from Vetta Capsule and have continued to wear it throughout the year, except the deep winter (Seen Above).  I also bought the best skirt from Albion Fit and wear it with tanks, tees, and will be wearing it again this summer.


I have more favorites, but these 2019 pieces stole the show last year and will be making a comeback.

So, tell me!  What are you planning to add to your closet this summer? A new tank? A new skirt?  Then let me know, where you'll be looking.  We are always looking for new ethical shops.  So, drop your favorite below. 

May 15, 2020 by Kara Moseby