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Meet our friend, Candace Read. She's a stylist for the everyday gal, bringing affordable and attainable style to all who come across her lifestyle blog Live Love and Read. Get her take on "Tasseled Style" below and why she doesn't think (or want) this trend to go anywhere, anytime soon!   



I think it goes without saying, but I’ve got a thang for off-the-shoulder everythang. Seriously, I don’t think I could be more in LOVE with a trend. In all honesty, I’m praying that this trend never goes out of style. I feel confident in saying that it is here to stay for a skinny minute or so. Another trend that has been growing on me by the minute is the “tassel trend.” Now if you would have asked me months ago how I felt about tassels and pom-poms, you would have received an answer like this, “Tassels? Ahh, I’m not sure.” Well it definitely took me time, but I am fully on board now.

Now that you understand my love for both off-the-shoulder pieces and tassel detailing, it is only natural that I would fall in love with a piece that has BOTH. A short while ago, I received this lovely dress from Trove, an incredible brand with an amazing mission, and I knew that it was going to become a late summer favorite. In fact, I know that I’ve worn this dress about 4 times since receiving it. That’s saying a lot people! Shortly after my first wear of this stunner, I received some new tassel fringe baubles and knew these earrings + this dress were meant for each other! Based on these photos, I would have to say that my style gut was indeed right!

P.S. If you are looking for a brand that believes in on-trend, responsibly made clothing, then Trove was made for YOU. It’s a fashion brand that delights in dignity and I have a feeling that some of you gals are just going to love what they currently have to offer. I just requested a few more pieces to share with you all! In that post, I really want to delve into the importance of fashion consumership and why we also need to buy intentionally. So go ahead and prepare your heart…it’s going to be an eye opening and I hope, inspiring.

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August 11, 2017 by Jaclyn Dowdle